The original quartz surface. Quartz, one of nature’s strongest and most abundant minerals Caesarstone®come in 3000x1400mm sheet size

It is scratch resistant, non-porous, waterproof, heat resistant, mould and mildew resistant. Surfaces never require sealing

10 year guarantee.


Eurostone®- "What a great product"

Eurostone® is made in Germany using 94% crushed quartz.

Durable - Eurostone® has a flexural strength more than 3 times harder than Granite.

Hygienic and completely non-absorbent - Eurostone® has a non-porous structure that NEVER requires sealing or re-polishing.

Unique and extraordinary technical properties make Eurostone® a completely innovative and perfect material surface for your new kitchen bench top.

Granite Benchtops/Marble Benchtops

Granite Benchtops/Marble Benchtops

Granite Benchtop are a natural product bought to you from international quarries.

Its uniqueness is that no two pieces are alike.

TOP WORX work with 30mm granite thickness.

Corian Benchtops/Himac Benchtops

Corian Benchtops/Himac Benchtops

Wow the Corian/Hi Macs Benchtop products are fabulous with a variety of colour it is a man made acrylic both durable and hygienic. It can be made into any thickness, shape or size, Corian and Hi Macs are both seamless, non porous, renewable and repairable these products are inviting to touch, easy to keep.

10yr warranty

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